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Ode to mortgages 😂

Updated: May 16

In Mirfield town, where rivers flow

And homes are built with love in tow

There lies a topic quite mundane

Yet for some, it brings so much pain

The dreaded word of “mortgages”

That ties one down for several ages

It starts with dreams of a perfect home

And ends with debts that can make one groan

But fear not, for there's a way

To make your dreams come true today

With banks and lenders, always in tow

You'll find a way to make it grow

There are options aplenty, for all kinds

Fixed or floating rates, take your minds

With clarity, you'll find the one

That suits your needs, and get it done

So, next time when you think of homes

And mortgages, make no loud groans

It's just a step towards a space

That keeps your dreams in a beautiful place.

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